Thursday, July 14, 2011

Exciting Times in Labor & Delivery and GIVEAWAY UPDATE!!

So, the past few days have been, well...eventful. Ovaka woke up with a fever on Tuesday. Took him to the doctor, and the tiny runt has an upper respiratory infection. He was truly a pathetic sight to behold all day Tuesday: droopy, lethargic, whiny, and the only thing that seemed to make him feel better was having me hold him. So, hold him I did. Possibly a mistake, since around 8:00 Tuesday night I started having contractions. Lovely. By 9:15 or so, it became disconcerting enough that I had my mom run me to the hospital "just in case." Luckily, it looks like I had just overdone it a little by lugging around my fatso piggy all day long, so after a few hours of monitoring I was sent home, once again on modified bedrest. Maybe my priorities are a bit out of whack (let's chalk it up to these crazy pregnancy hormones) but aside from the obvious distress of worrying about having the twins early, the second biggest concern of mine was, "oh my gosh...I'm gonna be SUPER MAD if I miss my baby shower this weekend!" Hahaha...yeah, good thing I have my priorities in order. It wasn't until I got home and relaxed that I started thinking about all of the other things I should be worrying about. Namely, what the heck would I do about my two sweet boys if I get put on strict bedrest or hospital bedrest? Who would care for them? Who's gonna hold my little sicky while he's recuperating? Also, how am I going to get everything ready for the twins arrival if my bedrest continues or becomes more restrictive? Sheesh...I'm so glad my attendance at the baby shower wasn't jeopardized because CLEARLY I have nothing more pressing to worry about, huh? Anyway...I'm doing much better, have a doctor's appointment AND ultrasound today, and things are looking up!
So, with all of the excitement of the past few days, I haven't been able to get on the computer to remind everyone about tomorrow's FIRST EVER PINK PERSIMMON GIVEAWAY! I've decided to do something a little different: rather than giving away a specific piece of jewelry, I'm going to let the winner choose any one item currently listed in my Etsy shop! I figure, hey, it's the FIRST EVER PINK PERSIMMON GIVEAWAY -- might as well go big and give the winner exactly what he/she wants, right? And, yes, I said HE or SHE: Guys, this is a great opportunity for you to surprise your special someone, get a head start on your Christmas shopping, or indulge your feminine side if that's how you roll (no judgement here!), so if there are any manly men reading this blog, be sure to enter to win tomorrow! I'll have all of the details up early tomorrow morning, so be sure to check back in the morning and help me make this first fun giveaway a success!

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dhat said...

Girl, I am retired!!! If needed I will come to stay with you and hang out with your sweet boys until the girls make an appearance!!! Don't hesitate to call.