Monday, July 11, 2011

Boundless Blessings

Today I am feeling incredibly, immeasurably grateful and unfathomably optimistic.  I have the most wonderful friends and the most amazing family, and lately I have been blessed in ways that I couldn't have ever imagined.

This weekend, I met up with one of my dear old friends that I played sports with in ELEMENTARY and MIDDLE school.  Yes, we've known each other a LONG time!  She is the mother of adoreable 5 year old twin boys, and graciously gave me her boys' double stroller, infant carseats, and a double jogging stroller.  I'm sure she has no idea what a HUGE blessing this is for my little family, even though I tried to convey my gratitude.  We've been so, so, SO blessed this past year, but very few of these blessings have been financial ones, as we've doubled our family and cut our income in half.  These strollers and carseats are some "big ticket" items that would have required us to really save up right until the girls come, and I am just so incredibly appreciative of her generosity.  I definitely feel like the Lord has had a hand in every experience we've had lately, and in an unexpected twist of fate, this childhood friend of mine is a very accomplished jewelry maker who has been doing this for far longer than I, and who is interested in getting together with me to "talk shop" so to speak.  I am SUPER excited about this, as she is my first real-life friend who shares this interest with me.  We even talked about possibly going to some jewelry making classes together soon.  How fun is that?  So, good things happening in both my personal and professional life that came from just an hour-long visit with an old friend I hadn't seen in years.  Blessings, blessings, blessings!

This weekend my Mom and The Great E-I-E-I-O are also throwing me a baby shower for the twins, and I am beyond excited about it.  I think it will be so much fun to get together with a bunch of people that I love and who love me and my kids to celebrate the upcoming birth of the twins.  Amusingly, the theme of this little shindig is "She's about to POP!" and it is a completely accurate assessment of my current state.  Just for your personal amusement, I've decided to include a picture of my gigantic, uncomfortable, nearly-popping self.  Seriously...TEN MORE WEEKS??  Holy moly, this is going to get interesting! 
Feel free to better believe I'd be laughing if it was you!  :)

And, one final note: this Friday will be The Pink Persimmon's FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY!  You will need to be able to add a comment to my blog to receive an entry, so if you are interested in participating, please try to add a comment some time before Friday to be sure you are able to.  I *think* I fixed all of the comment glitches, but if you're still having trouble, I'd like to know about it so that I can keep working on the problem.  Remember, even if you don't have a blog, you can add a comment using the "anonymous" option.  If you try and you're not able to add a comment, please either leave me a facebook message or email me at  Yep...I think that's about it for today.  Hope everyone's day is fantastic!

P.S. I'm thinking about making a set similar to the items below for the giveaway.  Thoughts???


McKelle said...

Hey girl you look amazing for being 10 weeks away....with twins too! I looked like that with just one! I love your jewelry, keep up the good work! xoxo

Donna Lee said...

Hey Kalani! You look fabulously beautiful!! Love the gangsta expression too and your jewelry! :)
Take care,

Kalani said...

Hahaha...Donna, that was my, "well...what can ya do?" look! I've resigned myself to being ridiculously gigantic for the next few months! But we can call it gangsta! :D

Lindsey said...

Hey Kalani! Love seeing your pregnant self! Good luck...sending good labor and delivery vibes your way!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kalani! You look adorable! And I need a couple more bracelets but I will message you for that! Hugs!

Sunny said...

It didn't ask me about cookies this time:) I may go eat some anyway. Can't wait to come this weekend!