Thursday, April 19, 2012

Videos of the Runts...

Today I just feel like sharing some videos of my funny little runts.  All four of them are fun and funny in their own special way, and the twins are really starting to develop their own little personalities. 

This first video is of Ovaka dancing.  My boys love, love, LOVE to dance, and avidly watch the shows Shake It Up and America's Best Dance Crew searching for "new moves."  Ovaka has started trying his hand at break dancing.  It consists mostly of sitting on the floor, occasionally waving his booty or feet around, and then getting back up and dancing again.  You'll get a good surprise if you watch this video all the way to the end -- he surprised even me with his exciting finale.  Pretty sure it's an ABDC ending he picked up along the way.  :)

The next video is of my two boys playing in the water.  This is very typical behavior for my boys: Ilaiasi teasing Ovaka, and Ovaka thinking it's great fun.  So far, this has been a symbiotic interaction, with each child getting his needs met without annoyance or injury to the other -- Ilaiasi doesn't get bored because he is entertained by the fact that he can do crazy things to Ovaka, and Ovaka thinks they are having a grand old time playing together.  However, I am constantly reminding Ilaiasi that he is older and bigger and needs to be careful because he could potentially hurt Ovaka's feelings if he teases him too much, or could really hurt Ovaka if he is too rough with him.  After an incident this afternoon where Ilaiasi hurled a beachball full-speed at Ovaka's face, I also had to remind Ilaiasi that at some point it's likely that Ovaka will be equal to or bigger than him in size, and that little brothers don't forget earlier mistreatment very easily.  It brought back memories of my brothers, who had some seriously funny all-out wars that sometimes turned a bit...physical.  They pranked each other ALL the time.  I remember coming home one day and my mom saying to me, "That glass of lemonade on the table looks SO good.  I've been eyeing it all afternoon.  But, I'm pretty sure that there's a good possibility it's PEE.  The boys have been at it again, and I'm not willing to risk it."  Hahaha.  (For the record, I believe it turned out to be lemonade in the end, but could just as easily have been urine.)  Inevitably, the pranks would escalate until one of the boys got mad, hit the other one, and a small scuffle ensued.  It really freaked my mom out when the boys got into high school and were both bigger than her, because once that happened, she was pretty much powerless to stop them once a fight started.  Luckily, they both have great senses of humor, and got over things quickly, so the actual fights were few and far between.  Anywhooo....when I was talking to Ilaiasi this afternoon, it occurred to me that in a few years, I could be in the position my mom was in a few years ago.  Yikes!  But for now, I'm enjoying the fact that they love to play with each other, and I'm happy that Ovaka is oblivious to the fact that Ilaiasi is sometimes a little too rough or slightly unfriendly with him.  This video makes me laugh every time I watch it because they are both having a great time together.

And, finally, here's a little video of my sweet baby girlies.  They are just the funniest little things because they love to snuggle and are constantly touching each other and sucking on whatever appendage they can get their little lips on.  Usually they go for each others' ears, fingers, or toes, but they are just as happy with hair, forearms, and necks.  Funny, funny girls!  Kamila has a new trick that you'll see a little bit of in the video: she loves to stick her tongue out.  And my funny Ovaka makes a cameo...such a grump!  You'll have to excuse my "mom-talk"...when I took the video, I didn't expect to be posting it on here.  Otherwise, I would probably not have done all the background talking.  ;)