Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hallelujah, I fixed my comments section!!

HOLY MOLY!!  Sheesh, I had several people tell me that when they tried to comment, it kicked them out of my blog.  Obviously, this was somewhat counterproductive, so I got up this morning intending to fix the problem quickly.  FORTY SEVEN MINUTES.  Yeah, that's how long it took me to figure out what was wrong.  That's 47 minutes of my life I'll never get back.  Fortunately, I learned a LOT about what DOES work on my blog whilst simultaneously finding many, many, MANY ways that do NOT enable comments to appear without kicking people off my page.  So, all in all, not a total loss.  And here's something exciting: with the comment problem solved, I am mere inches from figuring out how to do my very first GIVEAWAY!!  Thanks so much to my dear, online business-savvy sister Sunny who is single-handedly leading me through the maze of online buying and selling.  Her input has been invaluable, and whoever wins my first giveaway will have her to thank for it.  Unless she wins.  In which case, I suppose she can just thank herself.  Whatever.  Anywhooo...feel free to leave me a comment now that you can!  And get ready for the upcoming first ever Pink Persimmon Giveaway!

Oh, and if you read yesterday's post and want to see the great glass pieces I was raving about, I posted a couple of pictures below (imbedded in yesterday's post), or you can visit the etsy shop at:

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dhat said...

Yea!!! Thank you Girl!