Tuesday, November 4, 2014

When Photos Don't Lie

I just read a blog post entitled "When Photos Lie" that talked about the way we portray ourselves/our families/our lives on social media, and how those pictures are often misleading because they tend to show the best moments of our lives, or even just the best moments of a given activity. As I sat here pondering that idea, I realized that maybe I'm a random oddball in that I tend to post an equal number of "look at how great my life is!" pics and "this is the shit I'm dealing with right now, dammit" pics. So, just for funsies, and in response to the "When Photos Lie" blog, I compiled a few of my favorite When Photos DON'T Lie pics from my Instagram account, mostly using my hashtags #dropkickthemoutthewindow #naughtylittlemonkeys and #dammitovaka.

Enjoy. (And read the ig captions for extra chuckles.)

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Anna Macfarlane said...

I love this. Which is why my friend and I started the Instagram @kidsaretheworst ! We love our children but sometimes they are hot stinkers. We can all laugh and cry about it together.