Saturday, October 19, 2013

Jammin' with Pod

So, I posted a little clip of this from my Instagram account yesterday, but just for fun I am posting the whole song here on my blog. I love my dad and wish he and my brothers and sister lived closer to me so that we could sing together more often. I learned to love music from my parents, and I hope to pass that love on to my own children. Today Ilaiasi has his final audition for the Spring ISD honor choir, so I think it's fitting that my dad was able to come and sing with is last night. Love you Pod!  :)


carterpolo said...

I think you should make a record of lullabies! I absolutely love this duet! Love all of you! -Triss

Teri Davis said...

I agree, lullabies. I could listen to this as I go to sleep at night. just beautiful.